Raising A Rockus - Live At The Historic Hoover Theater

Raising A Rockus DVD Cover"Raising A Rockus - Live at the Historic Hoover Theater"
Roadside Attraction has always been at our best on stage. And finally you can have a high quality document of the Roadside Attraction concert experience to enjoy in your own home! Featuring the band's best known hits and brand new jams!


* Includes DVD and audio CD of entire 80 minute show
* Loads of "Behind The Scenes" footage
* 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
* 24 Track Digital Audio


What Color Is Your Laugh?: 16 Ways To Bring Laughter Back To Your Life And Possibly Squirt Milk Out Your Nose

16 Ways DVD Cover"What Color Is Your Laugh?
16 Ways To Bring Laughter Back To Your Life And Possibly Squirt Milk Out Your Nose."
Phil's first stand-up comedy DVD! From gay NASCAR drivers to modern day pirates to the seedy underbelly of the world's most beloved theme park, Phil takes aim at subjects that some people hold very dear... and other people totally don't understand. Includes previously unreleased songs!




Pretty From The Back


PrettyBack PhilJohnson DVDCover front232"Pretty From The Back"
The third comedy special! Phil's a person who never quite fits the expectations of others. In this show he uses that "more than meets the eye" persona to investigate the world from an outsider's point of view with unique takes on medical marijuana, America's shopping habits, and why Hawaii isn't the paradise we think it is.

From Shakespearean bees to redneck vampires to anthropomorphic cell phones with weight issues, Phil Johnson fills the stage with quirky characters that combine social satire with absurdist flights of fancy.

As if that weren't enough, all hell breaks loose when the guitar comes out and Phil treats you to a soothing (and hilarious) serenade, a tale of waking up one morning as a woman, a show stopper about a high school Spanish teacher, and more.

And there's more we're not even telling you here. Surprises in store! Experience this special evening on Phil Johnson' s best comedy special yet.

* Over an hour of comedy and music 4 years in the making
* DVD-only includes tons of bonus extras: Music videos, Behind the scenes documentary, extra comedy set, Outtakes, and more
* DVD purchase includes immediate download of digital files


Be Yourself...Unless You're An Idiot

Untitled Document

beyourselfcover232high"Be Yourself...Unless You're An Idiot"
Phil's 2nd stand-up comedy DVD! Being human is a constant struggle between defining ourselves and trying to fit in with "the group". In this show Phil dissects that struggle in both his own life and others. All new jokes and songs!


* Includes DVD and audio CD of entire 45 minute show
* Also includes bonus music and comedy plus a Q&A with
Phil and The Mystery Of The Red Shirt
* You'll also receive MP3 zip files of this album and my previous
"What Color Is Your Laugh?" DVD

Also Available:
"Be Yourself...Unless You're An Idiot" T-shirts - Just $15!
Click here.


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