Bayou Chicken and Shrimp Pasta

Warning! If you're on a diet or remotely afraid of spicy foods, don't
even look at this one! It's super spicy and awesomely not good for you. :)


Mango Orange Ice Cream

This is a super quick homemade ice cream recipe that is sooooo good. I can take out an entire batch by myself in one sitting if I don't watch it.

It kind of tastes like a cross between Orange Julius and a creamsicle bar.


Phil's Spicy Ass Bean Salad

Beans are really good for you. And this salad is chock full of them. But BEWARE! This thing is spicy enough to singe the hair off your upper lip!


Take this one to the neighborhood summer picnic and watch people run for the ice chest. :)


Balsamic Cinnaigrette Dressing

This is one I’ve been playing with on my daily lunch salad. I’d been reading that cinnamon is good for you, but I don’t really eat anything regularly that would include it. So I came up with this dressing.



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