Happiest Place On Earth



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I’ve been a Disney fan my whole life.  And along the way you learn things about the company they don’t want you to know.  This song is about the secret ways that Disneyland makes money from unsuspecting guests.  What’s Goofy doing there in the back corner of the Tiki Room?  What will Winnie the Pooh really do for a taste of honey?  And… oh, Minnie.

You may have heard this song on my very first comedy special way back in 2008.  During pandemic-era livestreams I started diving into my back catalog and rediscovered my joy of playing this song.

I realized it had never gotten a studio version.  But instead of just recording it the same way I play it live I decided to completely reimagine the whole thing and see where it could go.  So this version is wildly different from the way I play it live.