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This is a preorder. Expected ship date: Spring 2020

Help me get this darn thing filmed by pre-ordering your copy now!

We’re planning Attempt #2 of filming my fourth comedy special very soon. The first attempt was great until the guy doing sound dropped the ball completely and made the whole show unreleasable.

So now I’m raising funds to get the second go round off the ground and I would definitely appreciate your help with that.

You have your choice of:
– An autographed DVD (including digital video/audio files)
– An autographed CD (including digital audio files)
– Video/Audio digital download
– Audio only download

I’m very excited for you to see this show.  It took 4 years to write and perfect and it’s definitely some of my best and most challenging work.

Important: This is a pre-order.  I don’t yet have a release date for the final product. But I’ll keep you updated as the project progresses with all the information I have.  And this isn’t some weird Kickstarter thing you’ll never see.  The only thing that would keep me from finishing this project is being killed in a wild unicorn stampede outside a candy corn factory.  And in that case you will receive a refund.

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