World Series of Comedy

World Series of Comedy – Las Vegas, NV

Headed back to the World Series of Comedy!  One of the most fun comedy festivals in the country!

I’ll be doing at least one show on September 14th at 4pm.  Quarter-, Semi-, and Finals later in the week if I do well.

Tickets available here if you’d like to join us live in Las Vegas.

The shows will also be livestreamed. (Tickets coming soon) And you’ll be able to vote for me from your couch!

Step 1: Create/Log on to with your account (free account)

Step 2: Under “Today I am using ZippyVote for”, select the following options from the drop down boxes:

First dropdown: “To Vote for a Live Contest”
State: Nevada
City: Las Vegas
Location: LA Comedy Club (or Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club)
Time: 4:00pm
Name: 4pm Round 2 Show

Step 3: Watch the show and vote for ALL performers (or your vote won’t count)

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