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Way back in 1998 I was not yet the singer in Roadside Attraction.  Nor was I a comedian, writer, or anything else you might identify me with these days.  I was the guitar player in a band with three other great dudes who have all gone on to their own paths now.

We made this album called Rock Formations with a cover that unwittingly ripped off a Deep Purple album cover.  (Do your market research, kids!)  We spent a ton of money making it and even more promoting it to radio.  Took me years to pay off the debt from this album.  And it’s got a hilariously late 90’s website address on the back.

BUT… I still have a few boxes of these damn CDs left in my garage and my girlfriend would really love it if I got rid of them.

So this isn’t the Roadside Attraction you might familiar with unless you’ve been in the gang a long long time… But the songs are still good and catchy and I think you’ll dig them.

1. Secrets (Once compared to Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto by a friend of my mom’s.)
2. Love Makes You Stupid (The song that helped us turn and angry crowd around when opening for Ronnie James Dio.)
3. Lost Child
4. Trust The Sun
5. Flat World (The radio single!  Played in a whole bunch of cities on stations that probably reached 3 blocks.  But allowed me to get up before dawn to do radio interviews by phone.)
6. Fancy Bars (Our favorite song to watch people dance to because the chorus is in a 5/4 meter.)
7. Cosmic Thang
8. Sound Of The World
9. Rockpile (This was our closer for years…)

Grab yourself a copy.  My girlfriend thanks you.

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